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The Key to Happiness: Abiding by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in Cannabis Manufacturing.


Defining GMP Compliance & Regulation for the 21st Century


  1. Gain more in-depth understanding of Key Terminology: SOP, MMR, SBR, LR, CC and more.

  2. Creating a Corporate Culture: The importance of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance in the Cannabis Manufacturing industry.

  3. Differentiating between Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC), and the necessity for good Document Management and Continuous Improvement.

  4. Gaining new skills: Why every team member must be trained to be a Quality Leader and the necessity for Training Manuals and Training Records.

  5. Quality System Design: How it guides Manufacturing (testing, documentation, equipment cleaning and maintenance logs, calibration logs, periodic staff trainings, record retention, self-audits), Packaging, Labeling (substantiating claims, FTC & FDA Label Compliance, “Truth in Advertising”—everything on your website is considered a label claim) and Holding Operations.



  • Quality Systems Management

  • Quality Training Programs for Employees

  • Incorporating Good Manufacturing Practices

  • The Positive Impact of a Compliance Strategy

  • Writing Compliant Standard Operating Procedures

  • Establishing a Documentation Control System

  • How to Perform Mock Audit Inspections

  • Inspection Preparedness 24/7

  • Process Systems Validation

  • GMP Facility Design

  • Creating a Quality Culture